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Branagh has been in the construction business for more than eighty years. We have learned the best way to approach a construction project is to begin by building a team.

We know that when the owner, architect and builder work together as a team beginning with the design phase of a project, it produces the best project for the least dollar in the shortest time.

A team approach also creates an advocacy for the owner and his project among the architect and builders that is frequently lacking in typical "bid" construction.

The majority of Branagh's work has been as members of such teams. We have been able to provide the continual budget checks that help keep a project on track, as well as recommending the techniques, methods and materials of construction which insure quality while controlling costs.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about becoming members of your team.

We've been in the
construction business
for over 80 years,
providing quality
service and results.