Honesty is at the core of who we are. The trust we have built between our clients, architects, subcontractors, lenders, city governments, and our community is one of our greatest assets and we work very hard to protect it.


When we are selected for a project, we go “all in”. Our goal is for it to appear that our client’s project is our only project. That means that we are a responsive and informative team member, and we work hard to accomplish the design intent and requirements of the project.


We do our homework. From estimating, to construction, to final closeout, Branagh has time tested tools in place to ensure that we have turned over every stone, explored every avenue, and asked every question before it is too late.


We deeply value our relationships with our clients, architects, and subcontractors. Our relationships with our team members have been forged through hard work, overcoming obstacles together, treating everyone fairly, and building great buildings together.


Our roots run deep. They extend from our staff and into families, throughout cities to the subcontract community, amongst developers, architects, lenders, city and state departments, suppliers, and the community around us. We believe that with our deep history and strong reputation, Branagh adds value to any project by offering a firm foundation for developers and architects to build off of, for lenders to trust in, for the state and cities to invest in, for subcontractors to work hard for, and for the community to believe in.