First Generation (1917 - 1945)

John E. Branagh

John Branagh came to the bay area from Ireland in 1909. He worked throughout northern California for other builders before starting his own company which he ran from the family home for many years. He was a “hands on” owner, personally involved in every phase of his projects. As the size and number of projects grew, Branagh employed and trained people whose commitment to doing things properly equaled his own.

Second Generation (1945 - 1992)

Charlie  Branagh

John E. Branagh’s son, Charlie, grew up in the business.  In 1945, after being discharged from the Army, he went back to work with his father full time.  He ran the company until 1992 when he passed the running of daily operations to his son, Tom.

Third Generation (1992 - 2014)

Tom Branagh

Like his father Charlie, Tom also grew up in the business.  Tom began running the company in 1992, and has always had an eye for detail and an unparalleled expectation for quality.  Through Tom’s straight forwardness and high standard of honesty and fairness, he helped maintain and further Branagh’s reputation as a highly trusted builder.  In 2014, Tom handed over the day to day operations of the company to his son John, and has stepped into a role as Chairman of Branagh.  Tom is actively involved in projects and still keeps a careful eye on quality. 

Fourth Generation (2014 - Present)

John Branagh

Like his grandfather Charlie and his father Tom, John grew up in the business.  As a kid, John spent many of his summers working on Branagh construction projects.  In 1999, John left California to attend Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.  Upon graduating TCU, John stayed in Texas and worked in construction as a project engineer, estimator, superintendent, and project manager.  In 2009, John moved back to California to join the Branagh team as an estimator.  In 2014, John stepped into the role of president.